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membershipWe are always looking for people interested in joining our organization.

How To Join? 
To join we need a completed application and membership dues for the first year. Please click here

Who Can Join?
We invite anybody interested in the issues and topics we focus our efforts on to join. Members must be able to dedicate enough time to participate and make a difference in the organization.

Benefits of Joining
There are several benefits to becoming a member of our organization. Our members are close friends and we have a great time when we get together. Of course we also have a common interest, and we hope to further our cause.

K.M.A. Window Decals
As part of your welcome kit, new KMA Members will receive a KMA Window Decal for you to display in your store front window. We encourage you to display your Member Decal proudly in effort to indicate to your customers that you believe in a strong Kenmore business community and that you are a big part of it. We also encourage you and all that you know to support our fellow KMA members by shopping with those who display our decal. If your business does not have a store front, your decal can be applied on the inside of any car window.

When applying your decal, please remember that it is single sided and meant to be placed on the inside of your clear glass, facing outward. It does not have an adhesive. For the best application, be sure that the glass you are applying to is clean. Though not necessary, it may help to wet the applying side of the decal with a damp sponge prior to application.

Display your KMA Decal with pride!

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